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Jul 15, 2023 - Aug 31, 2023

Dance & Detox Summer Challenge

  • 48Days
  • 36Steps
Get a certificate by completing the program.
Everyone who has completed at least one step will get a badge when the program ends.


finish the summer strong with detox and dance. Challenge Starts 7/17/23 to 8/31/23 Challenge: 1) Weigh in Weigh out + Measure in Measure out 2) 4 Workouts per week 3) Light Fare Diet Low Carb 4-8 Servings of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Low Cheese Drink Water ***Winner wins free Phiyahfit class pass + 1 mystery fitness gift + Phiyahfit social media feature Winner=best weight/measurement results, most attendance, most guests Who's ready to transform!? Who's joining Saphira Sing and the phiyah trybe!?

You can also join this program via the mobile app.




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