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21-Day Green Clean Challenge - WIN Gift Card

  • 21Days
  • 150Steps


This challenge is for anyone who wants to improve their eating because we can always be better. The next 21 days, commit to fruits & vegetables! It's not just physical, this challenge is created to strengthen our will power & discipline. Participant who Ioses the most weight and completes the most steps, will win a $75 Yahvybe gift card! Plants give our body life. Dairy/meat causes inflammation in our body, & too many carbs are not good. Let's commit to practicing clean, healthy, light eating together for the next 21 days. You can do it! Rule: FRESH Fruits/Vegetables, Poultry/Fish. No carbs! Lots of water! No Red Meat No Dairy Low carbs: no bread no chips/fries no cookies no rice no flour/pasta no fast food Green light: Legumes, Quinoa, Beans, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Oatmeal & alike Goal: 3-5 servings fruits veggies daily This fruit & veggie diet will boost your energy, slim you down, improve your mood & health & strengthen you spiritually, Weigh/Measure in. Take photo Photo of food daily Ideas: Oatmeal w fruit/honey Fruit, nuts/trail mix/bars Boiled egg Smoothies Salmon/chicken Salads (no cheese/ranch) Butternut squash soup, tomato soup, split pea Zoodles pasta in tomato sauce Fish & vegetables humus or tuna with vegetable dipper. Grocery store: pick out veggies/fruits. Cut & prep for the day/week. Make pre-made containers/baggies We communicate & I motivated you every few days Questions: contact me 5 person min to start

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